Goal setting

Hello again to all my repeat readers and welcome to all the new ones!  Next year is only a few hours away and for many that means it’s time to reflect on how one has spent the last 365 days, solemnly swear to learn from one’s past mistakes, make a resolution (or several) to change in the upcoming year, and unintentionally fall off the bandwagon within a week or so.  I stumbled upon some tips to prevent the seemingly inevitable failure to live up to one’s goals in someone’s blog a few days ago.  The most relevant one to my cause is to set a clearly defined goal with a deadline for the change one wants to make in order to remain focused over the long-term.  For example, instead of simply resolving to “lose weight,” the revised resolution would be “lose 10 pounds by my birthday.”  So, in keeping with that spirit I have updated my major boot camp goals (seen below) with an end date 2 months before my ship off day in August.  That way I’ll have enough time to adjust if any or all of my goals have not been realized or come up with new goals if they have.

Major goals to be completed by June 14, 2012:

  1. Perform 85 sit ups in 2 minutes or less
  2. Perform 75 push ups in 2 minutes or less
  3. Run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or less
  4. Lose 5 pounds

Along with utilizing deadlines in my goal setting, I will introduce some fail-safes into the mix to further ensure some measure of success and track my fitness progression over time.


  1. Workout journal posts
  2. Food journal posts (with the help of MyFitnessPal; great tool FYI)
  3. Weekly weigh-in and biweekly measurement updates

Do you have any other suggestions that might help me towards my fitness goals?


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