Quick’s the word, sharp’s the action

It seems that I’ve stumped my readers again.  Nobody submitted the correct answer to the quarters trivia question: assembling of all hands for muster, instruction, and inspection.  Glenn did come close with his response, so I’ll give him 50 points.  He also made a reference to an awesome naval movie, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.  Not only does it have great acting all around, especially by one of my favorites, Paul Bettany, but it also boasts an amazing soundtrack, stunning cinematography, and 138 minutes of British Navy storyline!  If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should.

He's so adorable and he learned to play the cello a little for his music scenes with Russell Crowe (who obviously didn't), which makes this cellist very happy!

Getting back to the US Navy, here’s today’s question:

Navy trivia of the day

  • What is a lifeline?

It was raining all of last night and up until early afternoon today so I was scared I wouldn’t be able to get my run in for today’s Cto5k workout.  Luckily, the weather cleared up and I helped myself to a lovely run around 4:30 PM.  I also completed the last push up workout for Week 2.

Push up workout details (Week 2, Day 3, first column):

  • 5, 7, 5, 5, 8; performed with a 60 second rest between reps
  • 30 Total

Cto5k workout details (Week 1, Workout 3):

  • Brisk 5 min warm up walk
  • Alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes

Side musical note: Are there any instrumental, blue grass, Appalachian, American, cross-genre music fans out there?  If so, you should definitely check out The Goat Rodeo Sessions, a new project by Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile, and Stuart Duncan.

I first heard of it on The Colbert Report when Colbert interviewed all four artists before they performed “Attaboy” (my favorite piece) from the album.  It was on the top of my list of songs to buy when I got an iTunes card for Christmas and I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.  Since I mentioned that Paul Bettany learned to play the cello for his role in the movie I thought I’d share something else cello related.  Gotta keep it classy, right?  The correct answer is: Yes, anything with Yo-Yo Ma or a cello automatically is classy!  Well, I hope that I’ve given you enough stuff to keep you occupied until I post again on Monday.  In the meantime, send in your answer to the trivia question and any other amazing cello/navy/movie related randomness!


7 thoughts on “Quick’s the word, sharp’s the action

  1. I think most people think (correctly from a general definition) of a lifeline as a line thrown to a person fallen overboard or in distress.

    However, from a naval perspective if I remember correctly, it is the rope or chain railing that prevents you from falling overboard as you come to the edge of the deck. .

    • :) Yep. I was wondering if people were going to go with the more common definition, but you weren’t fooled. Glad to hear you like the music, I can’t get enough of it!

  2. Great post! I love, love, love that song! Each time I hear it I am simply amazed by each of the musician’s talent. Keep up the great work!


  3. You mustn’t forget the awesome line in School of Rock when Jack Black is introducing the bass guitar to the cello player and he say’s, “Katie, what was that thing you were playing today, the big thing?
    Katie: Cello.
    Dewey Finn: Ok. This is a bass guitar. And it’s the exact same thing but instead of playing it like this you tip it on the side… cello, you got a bass. “

  4. I thought of this quote from Treasure Planet when I read this latest trivia question “Jim, secure those life lines!” (it was the rope used to fasten the sailors to the mast.)
    The Goat Radio Sessions are some of the best jamz since Sarah Jarosz. The song “Heaven and Here” is currently on an iPod loop right now!
    Props to Michelle for a great movie reference (School of Rock.)

  5. Thanks for the comment… i try to breathe through my nose, since it being brought to my attention, but end up breathing through my mouth… I don’t get enough oxygen solely through the nose


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