And then there were none

1, 2, 3, 4, you get the point, 13!  And Then There Were None (push ups, that is)!  That’s what was running across my mind as I finished up the push ups tonight.  You never know when that Agatha Christie mystery novel bug is going to bite you, right?  Ok, so everything I’ve written so far is not true…except for the part about me doing the push ups.  Even though that’s not really what I was thinking as I was trying not to collapse powering through my workout, I figured it would serve as a better segue than none.  I’ve been having trouble in the title development/interesting random information department lately; hopefully having a day off tomorrow will help get rid of this writer’s block.

Enough with the pity party.  This is supposed to be a happy occasion!  And so it is.  Not only did somebody respond with the correct answer to yesterday’s scullery question–place to wash dishes–, but it also happened to be a new commenter by the name of Bito.  Congratulations and welcome to the leader board with 100 points!  I hope that you’re prepared for the cut-throat atmosphere that surrounds this trivia competition because it’s too late to back out now :)

Navy trivia of the day

  • What does the term geedunk mean?
  • To get full credit you have to submit all 3 definitions.

I competed the Cto5k workout without too much hassle.  This was actually a bit of a surprise since I wasn’t able to do this workout on Thursday.  The push up workout was tough, but I’ve decided not to think of this as a negative.  It’s nice to have a challenge now and then because at the end I know that I’ve accomplished something.  Want to see what I accomplished?  Look no further.

Cto5k workout details (Week 2, Workout 3):

  • Brisk 5 min warm up walk
  • Alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes

Push up workout details (Week 3, Day 2, first column):

  • 11, 13, 9, 9, 13; performed with a 60 second rest between reps
  • 55 Total

Before I send you off to enjoy the rest of your weekend I thought I’d throw in a little curveball puzzle.  In addition to the 100 Navy trivia points available, I will award 50 points to the first person to point out the Monty Python reference in this post.  Ready, set, go!  See you on Monday!


Okay, ladies and gentlemen.  Nobody responded with the complete answer for yesterday’s trivia question: What is a fathom?  I will give Glenn Coulter–my Dad, BTW– and lostartpublishing partial credit of 50 points each for being very close.  The correct answer (according to my little Navy book) is: a unit of length (equal to 6 feet) used for measuring the depth of water.  I’ve updated the Navy lingo page to include the correct definition, something I’ll do after every trivia answer is revealed, so that everyone can increase their Navy knowledge.  Today’s question should be a bit easier since I’m sure that most people know at least one of the definitions.  Remember, same rules and no cheating.  Good luck!

Navy Trivia of the Day

  • What does scuttlebutt mean?  There are two answers for this one.

It’s only the second day of my restart and I’ve decided to change my schedule.  Instead of doing the 30 Day Body Rock Challenge according to their schedule (every weekday) I will do those workouts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (according to my original schedule, seen here).  Changing the frequency from every weekday to every other weekday will give my body time to recover from the workouts, especially since I’ll be doing the Cto5k running program on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  To make a long explanation short, that’s why there’s not a Body Rock workout detail below.  The two routines I did finish today are the push up workout and the Cto5k workout.

Push up workout details (Week 2, Day 1, first column):

  • 4, 6, 4, 4, 8; performed with a 60 second rest between reps
  • 26 Total

Cto5k workout details (Week 1, Workout 1):

  • Brisk 5 min warm up walk
  • Alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes
  • I can definitely tell that I haven’t really run since Thanksgiving; it was so good to start again!

Don’t forget to send in your answer to the trivia question and check back in tomorrow for the winners and another round of exercises!

It’s not a sign, but maybe it’s a warning

My sore throat was a little bit better this morning, but all is not well.  I have developed an inflamed feeling at the back of my mouth and throat and an occasional cough.  Taking my sickness into consideration I decided to modify today’s schedule; I cut the Body Rock workout and the Cto5k run, leaving just the push up workout.  This way I’ll still be doing some sort of exercise and my body will have a chance to really get rid of whatever is afflicting me.  If I’m still feeling poorly tomorrow–fingers crossed that this isn’t the case–, then I’ll push all cardio/interval workouts to next Monday so I can start again on the right foot.  I’ve posted the details of my workout below and feel free to check out today’s entry in my food journal.

Push up workout details (Day 1, first column):

  • 2, 3, 2, 2, 6; performed with a 60 second rest between reps
  • 15 Total

It was much harder for me to do the push ups than the sit ups after the holiday break.  That’s the reason I chose to stay on the first column (1-5 push ups performed in the Initial Test), instead of moving to the second column like I did with the sit ups.  Stay tuned to see if I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow or if this sore throat will turn into something much more ominous.  In the meantime, I’d like to thank everyone who has continued to follow/visit my blog and give a super special thank you to all my commenters, those comments make my day!

Exercise schedule, version 1.0

Wednesday’s post was lengthy and rather exhaustive, so I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet.  All that I’ll really be doing is outlining my weekly workout schedule.  Not only does this further cement in my mind that I will actually have to start doing the workouts I’ve been discussing since I started this blog, but it will hopefully make completing said workouts much easier by already having everything organized and set up beforehand.

The workout schedule above is only a general overview of the week’s activities; I’ll include details about each day’s exercise when I write my workout journal posts.

Not so fine print:

  • For the first month I’ll be doing a Body Rock workout every weekday to follow their 30 Day Challenge.  Afterward, I will do their workout on the day that it’s posted to their site, usually every other weekday.
  • Cto5k Run refers to the training program provided by Cool Running that guides you from the couch to a 5k race in 9 weeks.  I won’t be using the program to train for a race; however, it seems like a good way to acclimate myself to running again.  When the 9 weeks are up I’ll determine whether to continue with another Cool Running program or look elsewhere for a challenge.

Thanks again to everybody who has visited and/or commented since I’ve started this blog, I truly appreciate the support!  I won’t be posting again until Monday, when I’ll give a specific list of any workouts I compete that day and provide the first look at my food journal.  In the meantime, feel free to ask me some questions or answer a few of mine found at the end of my other posts; you have no idea how much I love feedback!  I’ve noticed I say “In the meantime” in almost every post, so please let me know if I should find some other sign off phrase like “Stay classy San Diego” or “Give peace a chance.”  Any original, or not so original, suggestions?

First mega post

A fresh start, it’s finally here!  As promised I’m posting my starting weight and measurements so that I’ll be able to track my progress and share my successes with my adoring public.

Starting weight: 149.5 lb

Starting measurements

  • Bust: 38 in
  • Chest: 33.5 in
  • Waist: 31 in
  • Hips: 40 in
  • Thighs: 22.5 in
  • Calves: 13.25 in
  • Upper arm: 11.25 in
  • Forearm: 9.5 in

Crazy side note: It was very strange actually seeing these numbers as my measurements.  Not because I think they’re insanely large, but similar to the feeling I get looking at a common English word and not trusting myself that it’s spelled correctly, even though I know it is–I blame that problem on all the Spanish classes I took during school/college.  Do you ever get a similar feeling when reading or writing?

Sorry if I scared you back there, I’ll try to steer back to a more sane train of thought.  Now that I’ve purchased a new digital scale and done all my measurements I have to decide on some workouts that will help me acheive my goals.  Before the holidays and my complete lack of willpower to workout hit, I was following the Two Hundred Sit-ups and One Hundred Push Ups programs, both of which take you from any fitness level and get you to the goal within six weeks.  The times that I’ve used their workouts I’ve seen definite improvement, so I’ll most likely continue to follow them since completing the program will more than take me past my goal numbers for push ups and sit ups.  That still leaves me with the need for a running/cardio/overall toning workout.

My sister (author of the Ragamuffin blog seen in the blogroll to the right) has been going on about the workouts at Body Rock and recently started their 30 Day Challenge.  Just looking at their page can be kind of intimidating because all of the girls look super toned, but reading through the posts about each of their exercise routines (all of which are done at home with little to no outside equipment) makes starting their program seem much more approachable.  All of the instructors provide videos and pictures of each section and explain how to modify the moves for different fitness levels.  All of their workouts are intense interval training usually lasting between 12-30 minutes, which would cover the cardio and overall toning needs.  As far as the running goes, the road near my house is pretty straight and has a sidewalk that stretches for ~1 mile so I’ll probably use that and time myself on each run.

Since writing about the exercises and my initial weigh-in and measurements took up a lot of space I’ll save my workout schedule rough draft for the next post (which will also be the last one before I begin my workout regimen on Monday!).  In the meantime, do you have any suggestions for workout programs I should look into before committing to the ones I’ve listed above?  Have you tried any of the programs mentioned and if so, what were your results?