Navy lingo and info cheat sheet

ASVAB–Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

Brightwork–brass or shiny metal kept polished rather than painted

Deep six–to dispose of by throwing over the side

DEP–Delayed Entry Program

Ensign–the national flag; a commissioned officer between the rank of Chief Warrant Officer and Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Fathom–a unit of length (equal to 6 feet) used for measuring the depth of water

Lifeline–lines erected around the weather decks of a ship to prevent personnel from falling or being washed over the side

Geedunk–candy, gum, or cafeteria

MEPS–Military Entrance Processing Station

Quarters–assembling of all hands for muster, instruction, and inspection

Rack–a bed

Scullery–place to wash dishes

Scuttlebutt–a drinking fountain; a rumor

Tattoo–five minutes before taps

Turn to–an order to begin work

Phonetic alphabet (found on lemony snippet‘s blog)

It slightly annoys me that the first letter of every word doesn't line up with the one beneath it, but it's too cute not to post.

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