The winner from Saturday’s trivia question was Jessica with the correct answer of Rodents Of Unusual Size!  You get 100 points! As we should all know, R.O.U.S. is a reference from “The Princess Bride,” also another must-see classic.  Although these movie trivia questions have been great fun they were merely a gateway to the new Navy Trivia of the Day section I’m introducing today.  Like the movie trivia question format, I’ll ask my lovely readers a trivia question based on the information I have to learn before boot camp.  This way I have an interesting study method and I get to test your knowledge at the same time!  And by knowledge, I mean actual current knowledge not something you googled to answer the question–yeah, I know there’s no way for me to actually check this; I’m expecting everyone to behave and follow the honor system.  Sounds fun, right?  But there’s more!  The 100 points I’ve been throwing out aren’t the fake Whose Line Is It Anyway? kind of points.  I will be keeping score and maybe, just maybe there will be a prize for the ultimate winner before I leave in August.  Everybody loves incentives, so I’m hoping that you’re motivated by points.  I mean who isn’t?  Ready to give it a try?  Same rules as before: the winner is the first person to correctly answer the question in the comments section.  Good luck!  Here’s the first question:

Navy Trivia of the Day

  • What is a fathom?

Today I was feeling much better and almost completely over my ever-changing-symptom-sickness and was able to redo the Body Rock fitness test.  The test counts as Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge and the real workouts start tomorrow.  In addition, I started the second week of the sit up workout.  Specifics from both programs can be seen below.

Sit up workout details (Day 1, second column):

  • 14, 17, 12, 12, 20; performed with 60 second break between reps
  • 75 total

Body Rock fitness test results

  • Squat jumps: 27
  • Push ups (regular): 10
  • Burpees: 6
  • High knees: 97
  • Switch lunges (slower version): 20
  • Tuck jumps: 14
  • Straight abs: 12

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s workouts which will include my first running day!  In the meantime, send in those trivia answers and don’t cheat!