Exercise schedule, version 1.0

Wednesday’s post was lengthy and rather exhaustive, so I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet.  All that I’ll really be doing is outlining my weekly workout schedule.  Not only does this further cement in my mind that I will actually have to start doing the workouts I’ve been discussing since I started this blog, but it will hopefully make completing said workouts much easier by already having everything organized and set up beforehand.

The workout schedule above is only a general overview of the week’s activities; I’ll include details about each day’s exercise when I write my workout journal posts.

Not so fine print:

  • For the first month I’ll be doing a Body Rock workout every weekday to follow their 30 Day Challenge.  Afterward, I will do their workout on the day that it’s posted to their site, usually every other weekday.
  • Cto5k Run refers to the training program provided by Cool Running that guides you from the couch to a 5k race in 9 weeks.  I won’t be using the program to train for a race; however, it seems like a good way to acclimate myself to running again.  When the 9 weeks are up I’ll determine whether to continue with another Cool Running program or look elsewhere for a challenge.

Thanks again to everybody who has visited and/or commented since I’ve started this blog, I truly appreciate the support!  I won’t be posting again until Monday, when I’ll give a specific list of any workouts I compete that day and provide the first look at my food journal.  In the meantime, feel free to ask me some questions or answer a few of mine found at the end of my other posts; you have no idea how much I love feedback!  I’ve noticed I say “In the meantime” in almost every post, so please let me know if I should find some other sign off phrase like “Stay classy San Diego” or “Give peace a chance.”  Any original, or not so original, suggestions?