There’s nothing like a bell pepper after a workout

If I wasn’t so afraid of getting a mouthful of seeds I would totally bite right into one just like Chairman Kaga on Iron ChefI’m referring to the original, obviously.  Iron Chef America is pretty great because it has Alton Brown and Iron Chef Morimoto, but it lacks a certain flare that only Chairman Kaga and an English dubbed Japanese show can bring.

Look at him! He's beyond great! FYI: Takeshi Kaga also starred in a Japanese production of Les Misérables as Jean Valjean. At the 10th anniversary concert in London, they bring out all of the Jean Valjeans from around the world during the encore and I could not have been more surprised to see Mr. Chairman walk on stage. He earned an infinite number of cool points at that moment.

I’ve always been a big fan of eating vegetables raw, but bell peppers (the green ones in particular) have become one of my new favorites; though no vegetable will ever compare to radishes.  I even buy two or three each time I go grocery shopping and eat one as a snack during the day.

Now that we’ve had our international media commercial break, it’s back to fitness business!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fully complete my workout since it was raining and I couldn’t get out for a run, but I did my penance and the push up workout like I promised.

Body Rock workout details (complete each rep 4 times, finish as quickly as possible):

  • 75 high knees
  • 25 reverse abdominals
  • Total time: 7 minutes, 20 seconds

Push up workout details (Week 3, Day 2, first column):

  • 10, 12, 8, 8, 13; performed with a 60 second rest between reps
  • 51 Total

I’m doing things out-of-order today, so I hope that putting the trivia question at the end of the post won’t throw you off too much.  Make sure to send in your answers/favorite Iron Chef (original or American)!

Navy trivia of the day

  • To what does the term brightwork refer?

5 thoughts on “There’s nothing like a bell pepper after a workout

  1. The only Iron Chef I’m familiar with is the American version, which is fun to watch. Is he anything like John Belushi on SNL, “Samurai Chef”? This guy looks pretty amazing though, like Godzilla Chef!

    Brass or shiny metal kept polished rather than painted (, is that cheating?)

    • You should definitely try to find an episode of the original on youtube just to watch the first 5 minutes, that’s when the Chairman bites the pepper. And yes, unfortunately looking up the definition and then posting the answer is cheating. Sorry, can’t give you the points on this one :(

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